Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Lake trip on Friday was TONS of fun! Thank you Kerry And Cass! Why am I so timid about the wake? I DON’T KNOW! But I think that going a lot more often would help cure me! :-)

I feel the same way about snowboarding- I would be more adventurous if I would just go more? But regardless of the boarding the lake was beautiful; the water was refreshing and not shocking cold – the company exquisite …

I love the after lake tradition of greasy food, In-n-out completes the trip with an after party recap. The only thing that could make it better is friends who don’t bail!!! What’s up with that?

Thanks El Capitan and Capitan jr

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Come on!!!!

Patience, Patience… So as many of you know I have been working on a location for Two Hippies. We are supposed to hear back - any day - if our last offer was accepted at the location we are hoping for. In the mean time, I am still in this transition limbo that feels odd. I feel like a bum. Not the one I sit on… but then again, maybe that one too. Haha, Maybe that is a good intro to Two Hippies hahah Just Kidding – no offence intended. I just feel strange not working on something a little more aggressively, or jsut more focused becasue I have to wait for somemany duck to get in their rows.
Maybe I should call Mike??? I always get off the phone with him feeling like I really could be doing more… More of something, anything – infused with more passion even if it is just for a new book, concept, or – wait is that what I want? I mean maybe I should call Don, because he is so much less intense – I won’t feel so underachieving - Yes, that will work. Arrrrrrg.
Gosh – why does everyone in my family carry the same genes? Mom & Dad I am officially blaming this one you - our lack of intensity that is!

Patience, Patience…

Oh, but wait... look at me, I am blogging!

Disk Golf part II

It was fun! Can you tell from Porter's enthusiasm and the smile on Bryant's face??

Ok, Waaaaaaaaay too hot. There is a reason people don’t come out of their homes here in the summer unless they have to… Well sometimes I am not too bright and bring and to make it worse, I enlist some to go with me – poor suckers! Hahah

(Thanks Porter, Bryant, and Meagan for be so willing!!) the first 9 rounds were ok, we took a break after #10 to do some monkey-ing around, check out these cool pic’s!

I am glad that we finished all 18, but next time – I say we go to a course with water! And oh, maybe not @ the hottest time of the day.
Nothing like a Sonic banana cream shake to cool us down.- mmm hahaa can I talk about ice cream in every post? I am a bit Pennington I guess!

Eat Pray Love

So, in case anyone missed my meager book review I really liked that book and lately I feel like have been able to do a little first hand incorporation.
Maui – not a bad setting, OK I didn’t do all the “I’s” Italy,India, etc... but all the same…
Eat, Mmmmmm delicious food! The first night was a yummy Kuala Pork, sandwich, sweet potato fries and a Lava flow.
Lots of sweet snacks and as you can see here who can go wrong with pizza and “pazookie”? - One night we got a Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream treat and put in the the “freezer” well we forgot to eat it that night and in the morning took it out… uggg, MAN DOWN! We tried a couple bites just to see if it was milk-shake-ish blek. No.
Anyone remember wasting $5 in Hawaii the first time? Chaulk this one up to the same! Except accounting for inflation- it was $6.

Pray- ok, With out getting too in depth, how can you not feel closer to God in a place like this?
I MIGHT have missed church, Grandma P. would not be pleased. But my soul was so peaceful to hike this beautiful terrain and stand under a waterfall – and swim in the “7 sacred pools” - heaven!

Love – Ok It did not hurt that I was there with a cute boy, I don’t know about lov
e – but I do know that it would be a fun place to fall in love if I ever did that sort-of-thing! Haha I loved many parts of the island, I loved the waterfalls, I loved parasailing (hummm I need to develop those pictures, they are on old school film) I loved the fun, I loved the food, I loved the company, I loved the ocean, I loved the sun and the opportunity to just BE!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Cami and I were talking the other day about something we both feel really blessed about… We realized that since May we have had family visitors from either my family or hers all summer long. We have been so lucky and we really do love that we have the space and option to have everyone here!
Soooooo right now Cami’s sister Myr and kids are here so this morning we were all getting ready to go and Cameron comes into my room – “Hey Jera, look at me!”
How can anything warm your heart like this???? I LOVE their cute faces and I LOVE their imagination. I have had the greatest day.
Thank you everyone for Phone calls, cards, gifts, and yummmmmmmmmmy foods! I am a pretty lucky girl! Can I just always say girl and not woman? Hahaha – hummm when does that happen? Just not yet, that is all I know regardless of the #.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Flava- What the?????

Not too long ago I was introduced to the coooooolest concept. Thus entered “Two Hippies” into my life...

Now, I have known a lot of hippies in my day - growing up in Oregon that just is a natural.
I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Some people have taken the liberty let me know that they think I have a bit of ‘hippie’ actually coursing through my veins… well, maybe so. But I think that just has to do more with my affinity for the outdoors, healthy food, exercise and a splash of ty-dye. Really can you blame a girl? (Apparently so if you have any refined culture I am lead to believe!)
Well- To get on with the story, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Two Hippies concept and I am currently working hard to focus on getting one into the Gilbert, AZ Area.
Finding a location has been more challenging than I had hoped. Even some coercion and slight stalking not quite doing the trick.
Phil says I can result to prayer and ask that the location I want go out of business. Hummm - that Karma can sure be a @&%#* - sooooo – I decided (after an oh-so-brief gut check) to go another route.
It’s been a jump to think of stepping back from Acupuncture and putting so much focus into something new, but I am really excited about the “flava” it will bring into any area that it will be in and the adventure that will come with it I am all for! It’s a sweet wave – more to follow about it, soon I hope!
All fresh, local or Organic food - hummm except the new addition of hotdogs to the menu… but we’re thinking of so cooler new additions, for sure to be super tasty! I can't wait to tell you more!

Disk Golf

Hey – anyone Frisbee golf? Ok- so does anyone have to eat their words as much as I do?? I sometimes really try to not say things that I have to take back, but I don’t try hard enough. It was less than 2 months ago that I was having a conversation with my friend about playing Ultimate Frisbee, in which he asked me – what about “disk golf” do you ever play that? I ask why I would want to? “Do you run, jump, catch or just friendiely push people over in general?” Ne replied “no, and sometimes people can have fun with out being so aggressive,” I asked him why they would want to, when they could have so much more fun?
That was about the end of the conversation. – New friend and conversation - hey lets go to Disk Golf…. OK – and you know what? It was Fun! I and I never knew there were whole parks just dedicated to this!?! It was like being introduced to geo-caching! I live in such a bubble! And it’s a bit easier to get a small group together to play since you don’t need an 8 person minimum. – Here is to peaking out of my bubble! -
Oh, and seriously could I pose any dorkier? It was a beautiful setting though!